Our vision calls us to reach out to those living in our community who are far from God.

Selfless service

We believe ministry is meant to be done in relationships. We make every effort to promote intergenerational relationships throughout our church.

We believe that those who serve should find their service a blessing, not a burden. We work hard to match volunteers to roles where they can thrive by using their God-given gifts and talents.

There are many different ways to serve the SouthPark community. We'd love to help you find the right place to serve using your unique gifts and talents. Click here for more information.

Serving Opportunities

Weekend Worship

From greeters at the front door to running worship lyrics on the screen, our Weekend Worship volunteers help make Sunday happen. With flexible serving times, this is a great place to begin the path of selfless service.

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Community Outreach

Our community outreach ministry focuses on hands-on participation, financial generosity, and education/awareness. We focus our outreach efforts on four areas: ending human trafficking, supporting at-risk children and families, fighting hunger and homelessness, and supporting the children in Bayonnais Haiti.

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Family Ministries

We want your children and students to feel safe and know they have real friends at SouthPark Church. This all begins with Servant Ministers who are trained with top Safety & Security protocol and have hearts that truly care about teaching God’s Word to the next generation.

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Life Group Leaders

Our groups provide places for people to show up and be real together. We need leaders who will facilitate authentic spaces for people to belong because we believe that when we connect relationally, we can encourage each other as we grow spiritually. Find out more about how to lead one of our life groups.

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Congregational Care

We were made for connection with each other.  We strive to support each other beyond worshipping together on Sundays. Join us in one of the many areas where we care for one another: write caring notes, assist with transportation, prepare meals or food for funeral receptions. Join us as we care for each other!

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Worship Arts

With two distinct styles of worship, traditional and modern, vibrant worship is important to our community. We invite you to come share your exciting gifts to reach the core of the heart to connect others to God.

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