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Study Group 1:

Be the Bridge 101: Foundational Principles Every White Bridge-Builder Needs to Understand

Sundays at 11:30am - SPC: 4th floor. Lunch and Learn. Dates: March 6 – April 10

Facilitated by Debby Coles and Pastor Lindsay Rich. (Free boxed lunch and childcare provided with RSVP)

Join us as we learn about how we can build bridges across racial lines. This group is designed to help people develop curiosity and interrogate “whiteness”: what it is, how it functions, and what we can do to prevent the harm that can come from it. This group will discuss why this topic matters as followers of Jesus and help us to take an honest look at where we are individually and collectively so that we can pursue justice for people who have been marginalized because of race and unity for us all. Learn more here.

Study Group 2:

Lectionary Gatherings for Lent

Thursdays 7:00 - 7:30pm - SPC: 2nd floor art gallery. Dates: March 3 – April 7. Facilitated by Carmen Gray and Brad Thomas.

Throughout church history, followers of Jesus have used Lent - the 40 day season before Easter – to help prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. This study group invites you to join us as we read selected passages of Scripture together from the Revised Lectionary and experience brief, meaningful gatherings to include live acoustic worship and prayer. We hope you will join us! Questions? Call Carmen at 704-779-1539.

Study Group 3:

Walking the Path

Mondays 7:00pm, SPC: 4th floor. Led by Pastor Lindsay Rich. Dates: March 7 – April 4.

In the final week of his life, Jesus showed us the greatest love. Join us for a Bible study with Pastor Lindsay where we will look at stories taken from the last week of Jesus’ life. With a brief Bible teaching, spaces for interactive reflection, and opportunities for discussion, we’ll ask the question: What does the path of love that Jesus took for us tell us about the path of love we are called to take today?

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