Pinewood Elementary Back To School Supplies

September 9 - 29

The school year has officially begun for our friends over at Pinewood Elementary!

However, many of the teachers do not have the supplies that they need. These needed supplies are not covered by the school's budget and that leaves teachers on their own to make the purchases.

What if we as SouthPark Church stepped up to support these teachers and students?

Each school year, we as a church partner with Pinewood Elementary's teachers and students in various ways, and it's time to get started.

Follow the link below to select a teacher and purchase some or all of the items requested on their Wish List. Invite a friend or neighbor to join you in this!

Once you have the items, drop your gifts off in the theater lobby on or before September 29th. Bring your items in a bagged marked with the teacher's name.

Pat & Butch Franklin are ready to assist you if needed! Contact them here.

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