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Hope In The Holidays

4:00 - 5:00 PM

October quickly turned into November and Thanksgiving will lead us into Advent and Christmas. Costco already has all their Christmas decorations up and children’s toys for sale. The world around us has entered full force into Christmas mode – it isn’t even Thanksgiving. Retailers want you to spend money in their stores, friends want you to celebrate with them and the expectations about what we should be feeling and doing are so high that it can be overwhelming. This may have been a very difficult year for you – the death of someone dear to you, the loss of a job, a son or daughter who has gone to college or moved away. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you are already dreading the shopping and partying and bright lights of Christmas this year. Sharon UMC is partnering with Wesley UMC to offer a service called Hope in the Holidays that will help you prepare for the season that is coming. It will be a simple service acknowledging the difficult expectations that come in the month of December. There will be music and a message, candle lighting and a healing service. Afterwards there will be light refreshments and Stephen Ministers from our congregation will be present if you would like to have a conversation with someone. The service will be held at Wesley United Methodist Church.

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