Dahlia Grove Fund Raiser

May 16, 2022

SouthPark Church is participating in the second annual golf tournament to benefit Dahlia Grove whose mission to impact the lives of ladies in our community who are being rescued out of abuse and human trafficking.

Their first annual tournament last year was a big success raising over $70,000 which enabled them to hire two critical staff members to better serve the women of Dahlia Grove. This year they are setting the goal higher to sustain their current programs and to expand their bed capacity to be able to serve more women. 

Please consider a donation of  $50, $100, $250, or even $1000 or whatever is on your heart  to help change the lives of these women who desperately want to transition into a better and more productive life.  No gift is too small. Our SPC goal is to find 40 friends to sponsor this great cause.

Your part is easy, just use the link button below and follow the instructions to make your donation. If you would like to mail in a donation, that is totally acceptable and appreciated. Please make the check out to “Dahlia Grove” and mail it to Bonnie Henry, 7431 Windyrush Road, Charlotte, NC 28226.


Or click here to donate electronically.  

On that site, you will get more information about Dahlia Grove and their mission to train, employ, encourage and inspire the survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and addictions.  They provide a two-year rent-free restorative care home giving them the necessary time for healing and recovery.  During this time, they provide resources for financial counseling, drug treatment, sexual trauma counseling, psycho-educational classes, and continuing education.  They connect them to community resources for healing and wellness so that they can succeed. 

Contact Bonnie Henry if you are interested in playing golf or have any questions about Dahlia Grove at henrymanor@aol.com or 704-364-9286.

Thanks so much!  TOGETHER with your help, we can give these women the opportunity to empower themselves to draw upon inner strength to make a lasting change and to chart their own paths to success!

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