COVID Relief Box for Refugees

Wednesday Drop-Offs
8:45AM - 9:30 AM

Our partners at Refugee Support Services (RSS) are providing boxes of food each week to around 100 supported families and are in need of food donations every week.Since all of our hands-on Outreach opportunities are on hold for the foreseeable future, this provides a unique opportunity if you are looking for ways to give back during these unique times.

Each Wednesday morning, what has become a well-oiled machine cranks into motion and RSS’ weekly COVID Relief Box assembly and distribution gets underway.Dozens of donors drive through and drop off the supplies needed to fill the boxes. Those donations are received and distributed by a shoestring group of volunteers. Next, program participants drive through to pick up a box to take home and share with their households. Finally, tents and tables get packed back into storage, ready to do it all again the following week. If you are interested in contributing to this ongoing effort, there are TWO different ways you can participate!

Wednesday Drop-and-Go Donations at the Refugee Support Services Center: a weeklypark-and-go distribution to help get food and supplies out for our friends during this challenging time.

Amazon Wish List: the list updates itself when things are donated so that you know you aren't contributing anything that isn't needed.

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