Art Gallery Opening Reception

July 01, 2022
7:00--11:00 PM

The renowned Charlotte photographer Kevin “Surf” Mitchell unveils what he has cultivated over eight years. He presents Couch Surfing. Surf defines the exhibition as “a series of images highlighting the beauty and struggle of traveling artists.”  Each image features a subject lying on a couch, staged in various locations such as Times Square and Washington D.C. As you can imagine, the setup, lighting, photography, and breakdown are all done quickly, with assistance from the various Charlotte creatives that toured with Surf. Join us at the premiere of Couch Surfing to enjoy the wave.

Surf is an accomplished photographer who graduated from Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC. You may have seen Surf's work on MTV, BET, iTunes, or other mainstream media channels. Even with all the accolades, Charlotte is home and where Surf continues to support his community.

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