Dream Big Project

A one-of-a-kind vision. A one-of-a-kind church.

A truely unique development

Dream Big SouthPark in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a regional community development project spearheaded by SouthPark Church.  The church is located across the street from SouthPark Mall, the major luxury shopping destination between Atlanta and Washington, DC.  The SouthPark community is home to several Fortune 500 headquarters and currently has, in the planning stages, thousands of apartment units and several multi-occupancy projects.

Where sacred and secular intersect

Having served the Sharon and SouthPark communities for 50 years, the church feels led to reach out to the ever-changing, dynamic south Charlotte region by relaunching as a crossroads where sacred and secular intersect.  We have been listening carefully over the past four years to our neighbors and to those who will be moving here.  We are excited to be proceeding with a one-of-a-kind vision.

Build your own church

To allow us to fulfill our call to be the Spiritual Crossroads of SouthPark, which includes meeting the needs of our community, the congregation decided to redevelop our 7 acres into a mixed-use campus.  The church will be the anchor tenant.  We plan to share the church spaces radically with the community, including a new church building and a performing arts center.  Other potential tenants in the project are retail, dining, office space, a boutique hotel, and upscale retirement community, and multifamily residential.  This unique concept will allow us to interact effectively with our community 24-7, and to lead people into rich life in Jesus Christ.


We are excited to partner with Childress Klein Properties, a leading developer in the southeast.  We anticipate moving off campus in the spring of 2018, with construction to begin later in the year.  We are now meeting at Regal Cinemas at Phillips Place in SouthPark until the new campus is ready.

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